Two Of The Latest Launched Life Size Realistic Chubby Fat Love Dolls

April 7th, 2019 -by- Admin

Morgan and Jasmine are our newest full body size chubby fat sex dolls, they were just launched in this month. They do come with almost the same body features but you will notice they do have different head types and faces. The most advanced premium tpe materials make their skin not produce oil, compared to the normal tpe sex dolls which need you to use the baby powder on a regular basis, this is indeed a great change. It’s perfect for people who want to own a lifelike really chubby fat love doll without the hassle of so much cleaning.

Look at the details of Morgan, it’s hard to believe she is such an amazing realistic adult sex doll that was created with such care and attention. Our skillful sculptors built her body with amazing lifelike details, providing you a real touch of her skin. Her skeletons and joints are totally flexible as much as a real woman. To feel and check how amazing she is, the only way is to take her home, it’s a chance, to enjoy repeat moments that you will savor for many months to come.

Jasmine, her body is so curvy and attractive. Both married and single men are going to want to have her in their arms. Running your hands all over her charming soft body and touching her huge big boobs will make you feel like a real man. You can hold and slap her big ass and she will take it with style. Her face is ordinary, but with special green eyes, when you look at her at the first sight you will see once and for all why she is your total dream girl.

Some other similar life-like chubby fat sex dolls are available please try to check from the products list, or just contact our customer support online chat and we will endeavor to assist you.

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