Busty Alli – Juicy Juggs

February 19th, 2010


For those of you who don’t know who Busty Alli is, she is the girl above that is cursed with big juggs. Ever since high school and her growth spurt Alli has been attracting attention from both sexes. It’s like her tits have a gravitational pull of their own!

To be honest, this is one tractor-beam I wouldn’t mind being caught in. It’s not like she is a black widow or anything… I’d imagine running my cock through her twin peaks is a lot like skipping through a meadow of flowers in heaven… with 70 stacked virgins waiting for you on the other side.

As if Busty Alli and her big juggs weren’t enough of a reason to join, you also get six of her friends as an added bonus. No extra cash… Just extra porn. SWEET!

Take the Busty Alli tour and read about it under the Bonus menu button. You’ll be glad you did!

Emily’s Dream – Dream Juggs

February 12th, 2010


When I was growing up I had a neighbor that liked to wear these kinds of tops. Her Juggs were the stuff that dreams are made of and this bitch made it real hard on me when it came to talking to her eyes and not her tits.

Once I hit puberty all I could think about were her delicious juggs. She paid me to come over and sweep the leaves out of her pool and her bathing suit top did this same cross over thing. Every time I got home after helping her out I needed to blow a cum wad or two!

As I got older she seemed to escalate her juggs flashing ways. By the time I could drive she “accidentally” let me see one of her tits as it flopped out of her top. Just when I thought I could move on and get a girlfriend her tit-flop reeled me back in!

For my eighteenth birthday she invited me inside her house to blow out a candle on a cupcake. By then I was used to her games and I just played along. What I didn’t know was that practice was over, I was about to be drafted into the major leagues!

After I blew out the candle she pulled her tits out of her top and rubbed the frosting from my cupcake on her nipples. I thought I had died and went to heaven. Then she grabbed my head and buried my face in her sweet juggs. Now I knew I was in heaven!

That crazy bitch gave me my first blowjob and my first lay. In that order. Now I know it was because I never would have lasted had she just went straight for the lay. I gave it to her good and hard. I fucked her tits (another first). Damn she was a load of fun!

Emily’s Dream is also a load of fun. She reminds me so much of that neighbor it is uncanny. Unlike my neighbor Emily has plenty of big tits friends to share with you!

Stop dreaming and take her tour. Stop by Dors Feline and Dream of Ashley while you are at tit… oops, it. See you in the members forum!