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October 23rd, 2022

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October 22nd, 2022

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The difference between Japanese sex dolls and Caucasian sex dolls

October 20th, 2022

As a “special partner”, sex dolls have been on the market for decades and have a large fan base. The Japanese sex dolls and Caucasian sex dolls are especially popular among buyers.

Sex dolls are finely sculpted and have very good looking bodies and faces. So now many users buy them and then dress them up carefully to take pictures and share the pictures with others. There are even professional photographers who use sex dolls to take photos that are not inferior to those of real models.

What is the difference between Japanese sex dolls and Caucasian sex dolls? This is something that you may be curious about.

In fact, the difference is still quite big, because the aesthetics of Asians and Europeans and Americans are different.

Japanese sex dolls will show small and delicate, in the Asian view is very normal, is sought after by the public. And Caucasian sex dolls compared to Japanese sex dolls will look “robust” some, why say so? Because most of the dolls sold in Europe and the United States, are front and back, hot sales like huge boobs sex doll, huge butt sex dolls, thin waist sex doll, bronze skin sex doll.

In Europe and the United States, such a body is the most very popular. But in most people in Asia may seem this is too large and strong, Asians prefer petite and cute dolls.

So the biggest difference between Japanese sex dolls and Caucasian sex dolls is that the faces are different and the bodies are not the same. But in fact, in the processing of sex dolls are similar, most of the current sex dolls from China and sold worldwide.