Carol Goldnerova

May 28th, 2010


Right about now is when Samuel Jackson says, “Happy big juggs birthday, Mutha-fucka!”

Your big juggs present is brought to your courtesy of Carol Goldnerova. I have to say, this is one special present indeed. Unlike most of the babes with huge tits out there Carol gets down and dirty. She doesn’t just pose. You get to see her fingers enter her delicious cunt. You get to watch her rub hot oil into those juicy juggs!

As a member you get new big juggs videos weekly and also picture updates in hi-rez. Carol Goldnerova loves to please and she doesn’t mind having personal relationships with her members. In fact, that is 90% of the reason she opened her own site!

Still wondering if Carol Goldnerova is the big juggs site for you? Silly boy.. OK… How about this? You also get four other sites featuring big tits and facials!

Britney Bangs

May 24th, 2010


Pretend, if you will, that Britney Spears continued on her dark and dreary path. That she put on a little weight and her tits became ginormous. That her attitude steered her towards becoming a full blown slut… What would you have then?

Britney Bangs is what you would have and I have to say, I’d love to have a chance to bang the shit out of her!

This chubby chick has a set of naturally large tits, a bombshell booty and, unlike her celebrity counter part, this Britney has an awesome attitude!

But why have just one site when you can have the entire Perv Network? Grab a Britney Bangs password and grab some delicious titties!

Young and Busty – Brook Cupsize: E+

May 12th, 2010


One thing I find confusing about Young Busty is that there are more than one girl name BrookBrookII, both are 18, and bothe have cupsize E+.  What is wonderful about this site is that they are both 18, and have cupsize E+.

Point being if that is the only valid argument I can come up with, this site must be pretty dang good.  Brook is yet but a small big juicy jugg sample of what Young Busty has to Offer.  I likes big juggs, nothing wrong with that. 

So cum in Young Busty you motor boating sun bitch.  You black and blue eye balls will never be the same again, after the beating they will take from Brook and her friends.  


Lindy Lopez – Big Latin Juggs

May 3rd, 2010


Back when I was in high school I used to love drafting class. We had a competition where you built a bridge out of balsa wood and the bridge that could handle the most junk in the trunk won. Perhaps this competition was a precursor of things to come.

These days I am a fan of girls of a larger than average size. Girls like Lindy Lopez. It is as though God put some stuffing in her back side and then added some more until her figure was busting at the seems. Then and only then did he say, “This one is good!”

As a member of Lindy Lopez you will enjoy her big juggs. So fucking tasty and sweet. Things get even sweeter when you enter the members area and see that all ten of Lindy’s friends are included in your membership!