Why Do Most Guys Fail at Trying to Meet Locals for Sex?

June 17th, 2018

If you’re trying to meet for sex with local women and you’re having a tough time, join the club. The line is long and the road is wide. There’s just tons of people who are better looking than you, who have more money in the bank than you, who have bigger dicks than you, who are failing again and again. In fact, many of them are failing worse than you. Unless you use guaranteed hookup sites like sexmeet.org

So how can this be possible? Why is it so hard to fuck locals? What’s going on? Are these websites that offer you the opportunity to fuck locals complete and total scams? Are they all frauds? Is this all part of a big conspiracy? Who’s to blame? Who can be petitioned against? Who can be beat up for all our failures?

And that’s precisely the reason why most guys who try to fuck locals flat-out fail. They think that it’s all external. They think that if something goes wrong, it’s somebody else’s fault. They think that, if nothing’s working right in their life, then somebody else is to blame. Most of these guys are afraid of responsibility.

You need to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “The reason I’m failing is because of my own decisions. Maybe I’m too afraid of really trying, maybe I’m too set in my ways, maybe I’m too stubborn. In other words, it’s all about me and my failings. I did it to myself. I screwed up. I take ownership and responsibility for the fact that I’m not getting to fuck locals as much as I would want to.”

The moment you reach this point is the moment you start reclaiming the power over your life. You see, when you blame other people, you are essentially telling them that, “you have the solution to my problems, and I’m going to give you the power to solve my problems.”

That’s what you’re doing. You’re handing them the keys because if somebody is to blame, that means they’re the ones who caused it. If they caused the problem, they can unwind it because they caused it in the first place. Do you see how this works?

It feels great to vent, it feels great to blame other people because you let yourself off the hook, but then what? After that initial emotional release, you’re left with an empty bag. So reverse this process and focus instead on taking responsibility.

If you’re having a tough time trying to fuck local pussy, you better start trouble shooting. May you’re not sending enough messages? Maybe I put together the wrong profile, maybe I joined the wrong website in the first place. But the moment you take full responsibility is the moment you become a man and you step the fuck up and get on the road to ultimate success.