I Love Bitties : Louisa

July 27th, 2010


Do you enjoy looking at girls with big natural tits? If you answered yes, I Love Bitties is definitely for you! Dozens of models, with many more on the way, and nothing but wall-to-wall huge juggs!

I Love Bitties was created by a group of guys that grew up dreaming of huge juggs like those of Louisa above. They watched as their teachers bent over in school and marveled at the mammary masses beneath their blouses. They got jobs at ice cream parlors just so they could watch big titted babes bend over while trying to decide on what flavors they would be wrapping their tongues around.

Members are treated to six weekly updates and four sites for the price of one. Everything is shot in true HD so that no goose pimple is left untouched!

Big Tits Curvy Asses – Honey De Jour

July 21st, 2010


Hello my friends, I don’t know about you but I have never had such an immediate urge to go get some Honey until now.  Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time at Big Tits Curvy Asses, nah that’s not it.

I do have to admit I have been having these strange urges and cravings since joining Big Tits Curvy Asses, just the other day I almost up and went to Teen Paris Milan, I confused the fuck out of the ticket agent.  Who ever heard that Milan was in Italy and Paris was in France, the funny part is I couldn’t really afford to go to either of those places anyway.  It was a fun conversation.

I have realized something about myself after this new relationship with Big Tits Curvy Asses and my new women just like Honey De Jour, this realization only came after and a two hour taxi ride searching for Club Katrin.  I think there might be a you tube video of what happened when the taxi driver found out i only had $10.00 on me, he is pressing charges so don’t ask me about it.

So I came to this sudden realization, either give up my new relationship or quit drinking.  So as of today I am a two month member of Big Tits Curvy Asses and in stage 1 of AA. 

Karla Spice – Topless Teen

July 15th, 2010


Say hello to Karla Spice, now she doesn’t have the biggest juggs on the block, but you won’t find any nicer.  I thought it was time to give some props to a skinny chick with big tits.

Now Karla is one of my favorite models on the net, so I admit that I am biased when it comes to discussing her.  To be honest I spend a lot of time visiting Karla Spice when I am all alone, and half of me is without clothing.  Can you guess which half?

I am sure that you know which half is without clothing, because it is probably the same half that you currently have without clothing.  So I guess I will see you at Karla Spice, make sure to aim away from me. 

Big Naturals – Huge Juggs

July 3rd, 2010


Alright! I admit it! I have always wanted to don a platinum ring and some shades while, somewhat painfully, squeezing huge juggs like those on Lacie Rivers from Big Naturals. I am a freaking pervert! Waa, haa, haa haaaaa…

Well, I probably won’t get to squeeze Lacie’s juicy juggs, but I can live vicariously through Voodoo (the man behind her) by watching the huge juggs videos from Big Naturals!

You can sample Big Naturals for only $1 and get access to 28 other sites the Reality Kings run. No more hunting down free porn and then breaking down and buying it at 3am. Get this shit done now while the night is still young, mother fucker!