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October 27th, 2013

Her Halloween nightmare rape fantasy comes true!

You never really know what is going through a girls brain until you ask her. Previously I thought girls were all about the sugar and spice. Then I pick up my wife’s Cosmopolitan magazine and read an article in which they polled their female readers about rape fantasies. As it turns out the vast majority of them had masturbated more than once about being raped!

So now you are thinking maybe they are fantasizing about being raped by a guy they know or something. No! They are thinking about getting raped, tortured, sodomized, throat fucked and more!

My wife is pretty open minded so I bring her into the office and put on an interactive porn video from Virtual Pornstars. It is a Halloween horror video with a sexual twist. All on her own she keeps selecting the craziest shit each time she gets a choice on what happens. I can literally feel her pussy getting hot and moist through her sweat pants on my leg.


Needless to say I took her to our room and bit her nipples, ramped her pussy and found out she likes sucking on my fingers while I am balls deep up her backside.

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October 13th, 2013

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