Terri Jane Big Sister Sex

June 29th, 2012


If you are a male and you had a buddy with an older sister who had a cute face, you probably know where this fantasy is headed!

Terri Jane and Michelle Monoghan are going to play the part of the older sister and her BBW babe friend. You are going to play the part of the shy kid that got caught watching and was invited to watch the spectacle of your life!


What is the use of having such big juggs if you aren’t going to show them off? Time for Michelle to unleash Terri’s huge titties, and they want you to unleash your cock for them.








After about fifteen minutes of pure torture the girls are beginning to wonder if you can hold out long enough to fill them full of cock meat without getting them pregnant!

Unfortunately for the three of you the position they are in is just too damn inviting and your ball sack explodes cum all over the bedspread.

Don’t worry though…

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